Учебни материали от втората среща на Академията по програмиране за ученици

December 20, 2010
В периода 17-19 декември 2010 г. се проведе втората среща от серията безплатни обучения по програмиране, практическа разработка на софтуер и подготовка за Националната олимпиада по информационни технологии (НОИТ) в рамките на инициативата “Академия на Телерик за ученици”. Обучението бе посетено от около 70 ученици и няколко учители от цялата страна. Темата беше “софтуерно инженерство”

Bulgarian University Ranking System

November 8, 2010
I am very happy about the recently published ranking system for the Bulgarian universities. This is great idea and it is nice to have it in Bulgaria. Modern countries have similar ranking system for decades. For example: World’s Best Universities for 2010 United States Universities Ranking for 2010 It is important that in the United

Svetlin Nakov – University Courses

September 5, 2010
JS-Apps JS-Advanced programming JS Applications – ноември 2016 (November 2016, The “JS Applications – ноември 2016“ course (JS Apps) develops practical skills for building front-end applications with JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, AJAX and REST services. The course is based on state-of-the-art standards and JS technologies. Students HTTP, REST and jQuery AJAX and accessing REST services

Rejected a Program Manager Position at Microsoft Dublin – My Successful Interview at Microsoft

March 15, 2008
Last month I was invited by Microsoft to an interview in their largest European development center in Dublin. It was exciting trip and real challenge to see the Microsoft development live. I was excited of their professionalism in all directions: Professional organization – phone interviews, invitation, flight, accomodation, etc. Nearly perfect development process – like

My Interview at Google in Zurich

December 27, 2007
A week ago I visited Google in Zurich, Switzerland. Initially I didn’t consider working in Google and changing my job. During the years many of their recruiters asked me once monthly (at average) to join Google. I had so much invitations to join Google in Mountain View, Zurich, Munich and other locations that I finally