Blockchain Cryptography for Developers: ECC, secp256k1, SCrypt, AES, Wallets

April 15, 2018
Recently I had a talk about the basics of cryptography for blockchain developers at the Bulgarian Web Summit 2018. I am happy to succeed to introduce the most important concepts of the elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), key derivation and encryption (SCrypt, AES and HMAC), digital signatures (ECDSA, sign / verify) and crypto-wallets (HD wallets, mnemonics

I am Teaching the Blockchain Dev Camp Sofia (Jan-March 2018) – Intensive 240 Hours Training

January 11, 2018
I am happy to announce that I will teach the first 6-week long intensive Blockchain Dev Camp, which will be held in Sofia in the Software University from 29 Jan 2018. To enroll, visit the course official site: Blockchain Dev Camp – Sofia (Feb 2018) The developer camp will teach the blockchain technologies from the developer perspective

Creating DApps with Ethereum, Solidity, Web3 and MetaMask

November 20, 2017
Yesterday I had a talk on the JS.talks() conference in Sofia on “Creating DApps with Ethereum“. I demonstrated how to create a “Document Registry” ADpp on the Ethereum blockchain network, using a smart contract coded in Solidity and connecting to the Ethereum network through the Web browser from JavaScript app using MetaMask and its Injected

Blockchain Introduction

October 18, 2017
Recently I had a talk about the Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and their application to the real world economy. Watch my blockchain talk as video: About this Blockchain Talk Blockchain is a decentralized ledger (distributed database with no owner) running the infrastructure for digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It this talk the speaker will explain

LockChain: резервации за хотели и пътувания с 0% комисионна – една блокчейн технология и бизнес модел, в които вярвам!

September 21, 2017
След като зачестиха запитванията от колеги и приятели наистина ли съм част от иновативната блокчейн платформа за резервации без комисионна, наистина ли българският Президент Росен Плевнелиев (2012-2017) е част от този проект и дали наистина проектът е сериозен и дали наистина екипът е силен и дали наистина подготвяме ICO (вдигане на капитал чрез публично финансиране