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Blockchain Cryptography for Developers: ECC, secp256k1, SCrypt, AES, Wallets

Recently I had a talk about the basics of cryptography for blockchain developers at the Bulgarian Web Summit 2018. I am happy to succeed to introduce the most important concepts of the elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), key derivation and encryption (SCrypt, AES and HMAC), digital signatures (ECDSA, sign / verify) and crypto-wallets (HD wallets, mnemonics and BIP39, BIP44 and key derivation) with live examples in Python in just 45 minutes.

Video: Cryptography for Blockchain Developers

Slides: Cryptography for Blockchain Developers

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One Response to “Blockchain Cryptography for Developers: ECC, secp256k1, SCrypt, AES, Wallets”

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