Нов безплатен курс по уеб дизайн с HTML 5, CSS и JavaScript – от март в академията на Телерик

February 14, 2012
От март 2012 г. започва нов безплатен курс за изграждане на уеб сайтове с Photoshop, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript и CMS системи. Курсът е подходящ както за абсолютно начинаещи, така и за хора с опит с уеб технологиите. В безплатния HTML курс по разработка на уеб сайтове ще се запознаете със съвременните уеб технологии

Java EE Lecture – JDBC and XML

January 30, 2011
Last Saturday I was speaker in the VUZF university as part of the lectures of the Java EE open course that we teach each Saturday. I presented few lectures about JDBC, XML and XML parsers. Students came from Sofia University, TU-Sofia, NBU and even school students and professionals from the industry came to learn and

Svetlin Nakov – University Courses

September 5, 2010
JS-Apps JS-Advanced programming JS Applications – ноември 2016 (November 2016, The “JS Applications – ноември 2016“ course (JS Apps) develops practical skills for building front-end applications with JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, AJAX and REST services. The course is based on state-of-the-art standards and JS technologies. Students HTTP, REST and jQuery AJAX and accessing REST services

Svetlin Nakov – Books

Read online Svetlin Nakov’s books Introduction to Programming with C# (Bulgarian) The book Introduction to Programming with C# is fundamental computer programming book that focuses on the concepts of the computer programming, data structures and algorithms. It is the recommended start for junior developers and is entirely free. Table of contents: Chapter 0. Preface Chapter