Безплатни уроци по изграждане на настолни приложения със C# и WPF – училищна академия

February 9, 2012
Училищната софтуерна академия кани ученици, учители и студенти с интерес към програмирането и практическата разработка на софтуер на безплатно тридневно обучение по разработка на настолни приложения с езика C# и технологията за изграждане на графичен потребителски интерфейс WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) и подготовка за ИТ теста от Националната ИТ олимпиада (НОИТ) на 22-24 февруари 2012

JSObject.getMember() Hangs in Safari in Mac OS X Unless You Move the Mouse

December 12, 2008
Last few nights I was debugging very strange bug. Few months ago we shipped Java applet signing Web forms in the client’s Web browser. It was tested under IE 6, IE 7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Opera 9 and Safari 3 for Windows. We tested with Java 5 and Java 6 in Windows and Linux

svnleave – a Tool for Cleaning-up an SVN Directory

September 16, 2007
When you need to copy a project that resides in a Subversion repository to another location or send a piece of the source code by email, you need to clean the all .svn or _svn files from its directory structure. I know an easy way to do this by the TortoiseSVN GUI client for Windows:

Automatically connect to VPN / PPPoE connection in Windows

August 25, 2007
My Internet provider forces me to use PPPoE to connect to Internet. It is unpleasant to manually start the connection when Windows restarts or the connection drop. This is even worse when I am not physically at the machine’s console – if the connection accidentally drop I can not establish Remote Desktop session. Windows does