PHP Web Development

Професия PHP Developer: как се става PHP уеб разработчик? Как да науча PHP? От къде да започна с PHP?

May 9, 2017
Днес ще разкажа подробно за професията “PHP Web Developer” и как се става PHP програмист, с какви софтуерни технологии работят PHP разработчиците и как можем да се научим на PHP уеб разработка, съвременни уеб технологии, работа с бази данни и PHP frameworks, от къде да стартираме и какво да учим, стъпка по стъпка. По-конкретно ще обясня за: Езикът PHP и
Turtle Graphics Library for C# and .NET

Turtle Graphics .NET – C# Open Source Library

February 14, 2016
Albeit left behind to a certain extent, the good old turtle is still an excellent way to introduce people to the world of programming. “Turtle graphics” has implementations in a variety of languages with Logo being the trendsetter for the older school of programmers and survives to this day with a very beginner friendly and

Open Questions Plugin for Question2Answer Q&A Platform

April 30, 2012
I use the Questions2Answer Q&A platform (Q2A) for Telerik Software Academy forums. It is great discussion board implemented in the “stackoverflow” style: questions with answers and comments, tags and categories, voting and gamification with a score system and a leaderboard. One feature missing in Q2A is displaying the open unanswered questions. There is a similar

Svetlin Nakov – University Courses

September 5, 2010
SEO http protocol html Web marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (winter semester 2011/2012, Telerik Academy) The “Search Engine Optiomization (SEO)” course introduces the students how to optimize their Web sites for better positioning in the search engine result pages (SERP) by performing internal (on-site) and external optimization. Main topics of study are: what is SEO