Svetlin Nakov – Publications

September 5, 2010
Scientific Conference Papers Nakov S. Automatic Identification of False Friends in Parallel Corpora: Statistical and Semantic Approach. Serdica Journal of Computing, volume 3, pp. 133-158, ISSN 1312-6555, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2009 (in English) PDF file Nakov S., Nakov P., Paskaleva E. Unsupervised Extraction of False Friends from Parallel Bi-Texts Using the Web as a Corpus. Proceedings

Svetlin Nakov – About Me

Svetlin Nakov has 15 years technical background as software engineer, software project manager, consultant, trainer, and entrepreneur with rich experience with the .NET and Java EE platforms, information systems, databases, Web development and software engineering. He is author of 7 books on computer programming and software technologies, C# and Java, and tens of technical and