Fundamentals of Programming with C#: Free Book, Videos, Presentations and Mind Maps

January 13, 2014
After years of hard work the free book “Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C#” was finally published (in September 2013). The free C# book comes with free video lessons, presentation slides, mind maps, exercises, guidelines and exercise solutions to help learners to study the foundations of computer programming and trainers to teach newbies in programming,

Основи на графите @ Алго академия (21-22 февруари 2013)

February 17, 2013
Ето че стигнахме до една от най-важните теми в състезателното програмиране: графи и алгоритми върху графи. Рядко ще се намери състезание или олимпиада, на която да няма поне една или две задачи от графи. Това е много обемна и важна тема от компютърните науки. С графи се моделира огромна част от заобикалящия ни свят: социални

Svetlin Nakov – University Courses

September 5, 2010
SEO http protocol html Web marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (winter semester 2011/2012, Telerik Academy) The “Search Engine Optiomization (SEO)” course introduces the students how to optimize their Web sites for better positioning in the search engine result pages (SERP) by performing internal (on-site) and external optimization. Main topics of study are: what is SEO

Svetlin Nakov – Books

Read online Svetlin Nakov’s books Introduction to Programming with C# (Bulgarian) The book Introduction to Programming with C# is fundamental computer programming book that focuses on the concepts of the computer programming, data structures and algorithms. It is the recommended start for junior developers and is entirely free. Table of contents: Chapter 0. Preface Chapter